Laurence Castera - Éclisses  • Cassandre Émanuel • Music Video • 2021
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"Very often, a concept is based on a very simple idea, as was the case with Laurence Castera's Éclisses project. The desire was to create a bewitching moment, where the narrative arc relies on the simplicity of a luminous line that occupies the space and transports the viewer into a topographical world of lines. This gentle one-shot was imagined in order to convey in images the loss of bearings and the impression of destruction that the lyrics of the song evoke. The visual treatment tended towards a gradual connection between a more realistic, understandable organic universe and a universe of feelings, where everything is possible. In a way, it is an illustration of loneliness, where confinement takes an air of suffocating grandeur." - Cassandre Émanuel