Brown - Nervous • JF SAUVÉ • Music Video • 2018
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This piece high in colour aptly directed by Jean-François Sauvé is visual candy, a technical experiment, and a rush of adrenaline all at the same time. Shot by the extremely talented Derek Branscombe, partly on steadicam and partly on technocrane, the video ends on an explosive segment mixing visual effects (by Philippe Toupin) and practical rain rig effects.

"When listening to Nervous, I wanted to connect with the essence of the track, and a simplistic idea of profound change. Beginning with a severe drought, a long awaited storm in the distance finally comes, finishing in an intense downpour. In addition to being interesting visually, I wanted to express an uneasiness in the air, and the nervous feelings that emerge with swift and dramatic change.

Behind all that, my main intention was to simply do an awesome rap music video that is captivating and brutally efficient, all the while bringing the best out of the artists’ personality and performances."

- JF Sauvé